Help create a collaborative building game inspired by Lego

Wanted: Generalist Engineer (first hire)
Location: San Francisco (free relocation)

Graffiti World is a browser-based collaborative building game that lets people create anything imaginable.

Anyone artistic can contribute a new object simply by drawing it (we currently have ~6,000 objects). After an object is drawn in 2D, it's bounding-boxed into a 2.5D object that can be used to build in 3D space.

Influences: Minecraft, SimCity, The Sims, Lego

We've released sandbox versions to 1,000 beta players, and they loved it: they placed 230,000+ objects, drew 1,500 new ones, and each spent an average of 90 minutes building stuff.


We've had to build what's likely the world's most advanced javascript parallel-projection rendering engine. It's pretty cool.

Don't let unfamiliar technology worry you — it's fine to learn as you go.

At Graffiti Labs, you might find yourself...

We believe in making games that:

About Us

We made Graffiti (a profitable drawing application on Facebook with 25 million users and 100 million graffiti drawn). It has an active community of users and artists that makes for a good testbed and launchpad.

Stuff You Get


Email with:
  1. Code you've written (e.g. link to specific github projects/files, or attached zipped projects and note a couple files to look at).
  2. Whatever you can tell us about stuff you've built/done, from childhood till now. It doesn't all have to be software-related.
  3. A screenshot of the solution to this browser-based puzzle (recommended)
  4. Your resume, links to your website, blog, stackoverflow/quora accounts, etc (if you want)

Know the perfect person for this job? You get $2,000 if you refer someone we hire.